Top 10 Free WordPress Tab Plugins

Top 10 Free WordPress Tab Plugins in 2023

Creating a website is easy. But when it comes to creating a jaw-dropping website, you need to create everything balanced. How is it possible? Well, creating a balance between content and user interface can make things balanced. If you are using WordPress CMS for your website, you should know thousands of plugins are available that can make your website glaring. WordPress tab plugins are a few of those that can add exorbitantly usefulness to the website.

A well-decorated website can make browsing easy for visitors. People love to navigate here and there on a website, and they want it easy to move. A website visitor always looks for the desired content as quickly as possible.

Why are WordPress Tabs Plugins Useful?

WordPress tabs plugins draw a fine line between the users and the website. Firstly, tab plugins add beauty to the user interface. Secondly, it enables the visitor to sort out the content as efficiently as possible. This article will give you all the details regarding WordPress tab plugins. So, without any further chit-chat, let’s jump into the actual talk.

Free WordPress Tab Plugins for Your Website

WP Tabs

When it comes to plugins and extensions, the expert authors from the team ShapePlugin have never failed to impress. WP tab is just another addition to their collections. So, what makes this plugin so different? Well, WP Tab is a totally user-friendly and fully responsive plugin with excellent features.

WP Tabs

Above all, this plugin helps users create beautiful tabs on the website and is free. Now let’s take a look at some of its features.

Key Features

  • Mobile-friendly design.
  • Slick and fast.
  • Shortcode Generator.
  • 2 tabs position (left and right).
  • HTML content support.
  • Drag and drop option.
  • WP classic editor.
  • SEO-friendly.

And much more. So, why are you waiting?

WP Responsive Tabs

So, if you want to add visually beautiful tabs to your WordPress website, think no further. This plugin can give you everything you need to create tabs. Above all, it’s very easy to use and comes with a flexible user interface. It also has a premium version. It will provide some unique sets of features. Now without doing any further delay, let’s see what features it has to offer.

Key Features

  • Multiple tabs.
  • Horizontal, vertical, and accordion tabs.
  • Shortcode.
  • Color setting.
  • Additional CSS – PRO.
  • Font awesome icons – PRO.

And much more. So, download the plugin right now.

Responsive Tabs

This fantastic tab plugin allows you to create tabs on the admin panel. Now creating tabbed content will be very easy. Most importantly, this is a very responsive and user-friendly plugin. This plugin has a PRO version too. The free version provides some impressive functionalities and features. So, what other features this plugin has to offer? Let’s find out.

Key Features

  • Multiple fields.
  • Fully responsive.
  • User-friendly settings.
  • Font awesome support – PRO.
  • Translation ready.

And many more. So, what’s stopping you?

Tabby Responsive Tabs

The tabby plugin enables the user to add beautiful tabs to the website. This plugin is super easy to use and lightweight. Moreover, it’s a fully customizable plugin. However, it comes with unique features that might bring a smile to your face. So, let’s see what it has to offer.

Key Features

  • Semantic header and content markup.
  • Tabs customizer.
  • Fully responsive.
  • User friendly.

And many more.


This plugin is highly responsive to any device because it’s based on the Bootstrap framework. It’s very easy to add vertical and horizontal tabs through this plugin. It comes with a bunch of unique plugins as well. It comes with a premium version too. So, let’s take a look at some of the features it has.

Key Features

  • Responsive design.
  • Limitless tabs.
  • Theme compatibility.
  • Shortcodes.
  • Unlimited color.
  • Great front-end and backend UI.
  • All browsers are compatible.
  • 20+ design templates – PRO.
  • 500+ Google fonts – PRO.

And many more. So, want to give it a try?


This plugin is undoubtedly an all-star plugin for sure. So, this plugin not only lets you create tabs but accordion and FAQ categories as well. Isn’t that fantastic? Of course, it is. Moreover, it offers some impressive features that might be very helpful for you. There’s a PRO version of this plugin available. So, let’s see some of the features it has.

Key Features

  • 30+ tabs.
  • 30+ accordions.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Shortcodes.
  • HTML, Javascript and CSS.
  • Unlimited FAQs.
  • 23+ templates – PRO.
  • 30+ content animation – PRO.

And many more.

Everest Tab

Everest tab lite and Everest tab pro are available right now. However, the lite version is free, and it has tons of features inside. It comes with 3 pre-designed templates and WP editor components. So, let’s check some other features of this plugin.

Key Features

  • Unlimited tabs.
  • Drag and drop tab.
  • Gutenberg blocks.
  • 2 built-in tab components.
  • 20+ pre-designed templates – PRO.
  • Detailed documentation and support – PRO.
  • Fully responsive.

And much more.

Tabs & Accordion

This is one heck of a powerful plugin that allows you to add tabs, accordions, and FAQs to your website. It’s fully responsive, user-friendly, and lightweight. You can enjoy some other features. So, let’s take a look.

Key Features

  • Unlimited tabs and accordions.
  • Shortcode.
  • Fully responsive.
  • Custom icons.
  • Multi-level accordions – PRO.
  • Search enabled – PRO.

And many more.

WP Tab Widget

So, if you are looking for a free plugin with loads of unique features, then this plugin is for you. It usually takes minimal effort to install and manage this plugin. Let’s have a look at some of the features.

Key Features

  • Built-in pagination system.
  • Built-in cache system.
  • Fully responsive.
  • Custom CSS.
  • 3 unique styles.

And many more.

Easy Accordion

This is another mind-blowing creating from the team ShapePlugin. Easy accordion is the free plugin that lets you develop awesome-looking FAQs and tabs for your website. It’s very user-friendly and lightweight. This plugin also offers a premium version with more functionalities. So, let’s check what features this plugin has to offer.

Key Features

  • Responsive and mobile-ready, lightweight.
  • Multiple accordions.
  • Drag and drop option.
  • Unlimited colors.
  • Highly compatible.
  • SEO-friendly.
  • Cross-browser supported.
  • 16+ premium themes with preview – PRO.

And much more. So, would you like to give it a try?


So, this is all about WordPress tab plugins. Hopefully, the article was helpful for you all. Anyone can get any of these plugins for their website. Please don’t forget to share your experience if you have decided to download any of these plugins. Have a great day!

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